Nothing New Under the Sun

29 - Suicide Squad

August 26, 2021
Nothing New Under the Sun
29 - Suicide Squad
Show Notes

So that's it? What, we're some kinda... Suicide Squad podcast? From Jared Leto's insane backstage antics to Silvester Stallone voicing an insatiable bipedal shark, here we celebrate just how good it feels to be bad. Despite being perhaps the least surprising takes we will ever give on the quality of the make/remake, there's a lot to unpack in a franchise with such huge (and we mean huge) stars. Even if it sometimes feels like we Weasel our way out of giving these things a fair shot, we actually cherish quality content with all our hearts - we just don't care how many remakes we need to shame to get it.

Media covered:
Suicide Squad (2016)
The Suicide Squad (2021)




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