Nothing New Under the Sun

27 - Cruella

July 07, 2021 Nothing New Under the Sun Season 1 Episode 27
Nothing New Under the Sun
27 - Cruella
Show Notes

Our first episode covering new content for a franchise we've already covered before for its remake. Confused? It would be understandable if you're getting deja vu, but don't adjust your audio dial because those adorable spotted pups are back and this time they're horrifying. Watch Emma Stone chew the scenery in the prequel that gets you to sympathize with one of the most heinous villains of all time. Did you imagine when you saw her that she'd be the protagonist of a beautifully-shot fashion heist movie? Indeed, to see her is to take a sudden chill. It's Cruella - Cruella De Vil.

48:30 - Skip straight to new Cruella content after the intro

Media covered:
One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)
101 Dalmatians (1996)
Cruella (2021)




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